Sample Real Estate Contract Seller Financing

Sample Real Estate Contract: Seller Financing

When it comes to buying or selling real estate, one of the most important aspects to consider is the financing. A seller financing option can be a great way to help buyers avoid traditional bank loan processes, especially for those with poor credit. In this article, we’ll take a look at a sample real estate contract for seller financing.

What is Seller Financing?

Seller financing is when the property owner takes on the role of the lender and provides financing options for the buyer. In this case, the seller acts as the bank, and the buyer pays the agreed-upon amount back over time. This can be a great option for buyers who don’t qualify for traditional bank loans or who are looking for a more flexible financing option.

Sample Real Estate Contract for Seller Financing

When creating a real estate contract for seller financing, it is important to include several key components. Here is a sample contract for seller financing:


This agreement is made between the seller and the buyer for the purchase of the property located at [insert property address]. The seller agrees to provide financing to the buyer for the purchase of said property.

Purchase Price

The purchase price of the property shall be [insert agreed-upon amount]. This amount shall be paid to the seller over a period of [insert time frame] with [insert interest rate] interest.

Payment Terms

The buyer shall make payments to the seller in the amount of [insert payment amount] on a [insert payment schedule] basis. Payment must be made on or before the due date. Any late payments will be assessed a fee of [insert late fee] per day.


The property will serve as security for the buyer’s obligation to repay the seller. The buyer shall take reasonable precautions to protect the property from damage.


If the buyer defaults on any payments, the seller shall have the right to terminate this agreement. The buyer shall be responsible for any fees incurred as a result of default.

Closing and Transfer of Ownership

The closing shall take place on [insert date], at [insert time], at the [insert location] title company. At this time, the seller shall transfer ownership of the property to the buyer.


Seller financing can be a great option for buyers and sellers, but it is important to create a solid contract that includes all of the important details. By including all of the necessary information, both parties can ensure a smooth transaction and protect their interests in the process. Use the sample real estate contract above as a guide when creating your own contract for seller financing.